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Victory Hall

The Victory Hall has re-opened and is being used again. However use is subject to Covid-19 restrictions on group size and type of activity permitted.  Please ask the Booking Secretary about these before making any event plans requiring use of the hall.

Located at IP13 6JD, the Victory Hall is managed on behalf of the village by a small team of enthusiasts who face the challenge of keeping the hall in good condition so that those who hire the building for functions and events have a comfortable and modern environment to enjoy.


The Hall is run as a not for profit charity and relies on events such as the village fete and spring plant and book sale for much of its revenue along of course with income derived from hiring individuals or organisations.


A little History.  "After the Great War (1914-1918), at the suggestion and by the vigour of Mr Henry Goddard and the Reverend Frederick Wait, a movement was initiated and became well supported to supply the Parish with a good Hall for the general convenience of the inhabitants, and to provide a club for the ex-soldiers and civilian men and lads.  The trustees purchased a site from the Rt.Hon. E.G. Pretyman M.P., in the field North of the Church (for the sum of £5), and at an auction at Rendlesham secured a large Y.M.C.A. Hut capable of holding 500 people.  Mr. Herbert Leech of Hasketon, was set to work to re-construct it under the care of Mr. Harold Cooper, Architect, of Ipswich.  It was formally opened by Miss Barlow, on 1st December, 1920, to hold 300, at a cost of £450, and some later additions and alterations have improved it."


Iain Whyte - Chairman   - 01473 735040

Bookings - Claire Harrington - 01394 380644

Key - Lyn Berwick - 07857 601753


To book the hall and read our booking terms and conditions please click below.  

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T&C's for use of the hall  Please note that Supplementary T&C's may be applied as circumstances warrant

Supplementary Conditions of hire during Covid.

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